By: Jalynsey Brown

On Monday, 1/11/2021, I had the pleasure of speaking with League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County member, John Pastore.

Pastore is the owner of Emergency Info Plan, LLC; an amazing tool that is helping users become prepared in the event of an emergency. Pastore explained how this business came about, after the sudden and unexpected passing of his wife in 2017. Pastore mentions how he and his wife were in different states at the time of her medical emergency and how he was not made aware of what had happened, how to reach her, which hospital she was being transported to, and so on. He also mentions how his wife was also unable to tell first responders’ pertinent medical information about herself, which may have saved her life. Pastore wants to ensure that others are educated and prepared to avoid this from happening to them, which is how the Emergency Info Plan was conceived.

Pastore made me aware that the iPhone has a built-in Medical ID and Emergency SOS application built into the software. I was unaware of this until we met. He has created a Medical ID and Emergency SOS application for Android users.

On the business’s website:, you will have access to the tutorial for iPhone and Android users, a two-minute assessment to determine your preparedness, a short video explaining how Emergency Info Plan, LLC came about, how to purchase the emergency alert stickers and other pertinent information.

I found the interview to be very informative and it was a pleasure speaking with Mr. Pastore. I highly recommend everyone begin by having a conversation with family, friends, and loved ones regarding their emergency preparedness.