Boca Raton –

June 11, 2019:  Among issues discussed were that the Council is considering changing requirements for residency for candidates, and ways to solve downtown parking issues.

Other important issues were discussed-

June 11, 2019

  • There was a discussion about changing requirements for residency for candidates to retire proof of address and longer residency (currently 30 days) to 6 months or a year. The Council was going to consider whether to put this issue on an upcoming ballot.
  • The new Art in Public Spaces artwork which transformed the tunnels in Spanish River was praised.
  • There was a discussion about downtown parking issues, including allowing private property owners to create public parking spaces, having 5 or 10-minute free parking to pick up take out food. This was set aside for further consideration.
  • The Southern Alliance Clean Energy wants municipalities to support energy efficiency and are seeking to speak at a future meeting in July or August.
  • The Dixie Highway Revitalization Project working group is seeking kickoff funding. The Council determined that they need more information from the group before providing any money to them.