The Healthcare committee and Emergency Info Plan LLC is excited to announce that we are promoting a program (EIP) to members of the League, organizations, and businesses. This will help their members and employees be better prepared for an emergency by using their iPhone to alert 911 and emergency contacts and provide vital medical information to First Responders.

This program offers an opportunity for the League to receive revenue for our operating budget by introducing EIP to businesses and organizations that might want to support the program

As a League member, you are entitled to receive a free sticker for your iPhone and be entered into a gift card giveaway.

As a League member you are entitled to receive a free sticker for your iPhone to show bystanders how to Alert 911 and Important Contacts should you have an emergency in your incapacity. It also shows First Responders how to access vital medical information.

To receive your sticker just click this link and register online. When you come to the next Hot Topic meeting you can pick up your sticker when you show your confirmation email. If you have a spouse, we will provide you with a second sticker. Just know the model of each of your iPhones.

When you register you will also have access to instructions on how to set up your iPhone and resources to be better prepared.

We seek your support through introductions to communities, organizations or businesses where you have contacts. With the recent threat of Dorian, we all know how important being prepared can be.

Please share your ideas HERE. Each month we will present a $10 Gift Card to the person who produces the most introductions and a $20 Gift Card to the person with the best idea for marketing, promoting this program for the League.

More to follow on this exciting Healthcare project!

Nancy Gau – Chairman of the Health Care Issue Group