LWVPBC NEWS September 15, 2019


Guest Speaker: Wendy Sartory Link
August 21, 2019

Marsha Vinson, Reporter

A record-breaking August crowd (130+ attendees) found the new PBC Elections Supervisor (appointed only 8 months ago), Wendy Sartory Link, to be very knowledgeable, articulate, and personable.  The efficiency of the Election Office under this new Supervisor was demonstrated by this reporter’s request for the link to the  Elections PowerPoint viewed by Leaguers at the Hot Topics.  For Leaguers unable to attend the fascinating discussion and Hot Topics attendees requesting a second viewing,  the PowerPoint link received within 48 hours after the luncheon is included here: https://prezi.com/view/J9aKGsMcokd1LWOyeO7K/.

Wendy Sartory LinkMs. Link’s presentation includes up-to-the-minute election information for PBC voters.  There are almost 1 Million registered voters in PBC.   This September, the new $4.3 Million Voter Registration System goes live. One new feature of the PBC voting experience will be filling in the ovals instead of drawing lines to indicate the voter’s selection.  Ms. Link is a problem solver and impressive multitasker:  tackling the training of personnel on the new voter system, the upgrading of election security, and recruitment of poll workers – the backbone of the election operation.  Formal recount planning and up-to-date voter lists are currently being addressed. The new Supervisor emphasized that Vote-By-Mail ballots are among the first type of returns to be counted.  She urged all voters to update their signatures now if necessary.  Ms. Link supports the implementation of ERIC (the Electronic Registration Information Center that is a multi-state partnership to address potential voter fraud) as do all of the Florida Supervisors but cautions the system may not be in effect before the 2020 election.  League President Ken Thomas was very pleased with the success of the Hot Topics PBC County Elections program and stated that the new Supervisor struck the right “tone” when addressing the savvy League audience.

Marsha Vinson
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