Affordable Housing In PBCThe Affordable Housing Issue Group has come into existence as the county declares a housing crisis their top priority, that our county’s economic success, family stability, and quality of life are dependent on all residents having adequate housing. While this may be obvious, the reality is not the case at this moment in time.

Four of our housing group members represented our League chapter on the regional subcommittees formed by the Affordable Housing Task Force:

Sammy Alzofon,  561-800-8274

This is an opportunity to gain greater knowledge about housing issues and actually work with others in the community to seek new ways of providing for housing and recommending them to the Task Force.

We will also look to partnerships with other like-minded organizations and two are already represented in our group: the Housing Leadership Council and Gulfstream Goodwill. This will be critical to our work. We feel an urgency to begin our advocacy role as soon as possible, complementing the task force work and the renewed efforts in the state legislature to protect housing-designated trust funds.

Meetings:  Check League Calendar.