Affordable Housing In PBCThe Affordable Housing Issue Group has come into existence as the county declares a housing crisis their top priority, that our county’s economic success, family stability, and quality of life are dependent on all residents having adequate housing. While this may be obvious, the reality is not the case at this moment in time.

Four of our housing group members represented our League chapter on the regional subcommittees formed by the Affordable Housing Task Force:

Sammy Alzofon,  561-800-8274

This is an opportunity to gain greater knowledge about housing issues and actually work with others in the community to seek new ways of providing for housing and recommending them to the Task Force.

We will also look to partnerships with other like-minded organizations and two are already represented in our group: the Housing Leadership Council and Gulfstream Goodwill. This will be critical to our work. We feel an urgency to begin our advocacy role as soon as possible, complementing the task force work and the renewed efforts in the state legislature to protect housing-designated trust funds.

Meetings:  Check League Calendar.


  • Belle Glade housing
    Conditions in Belle Glade Housing
    “Rats, Rodents Mold . . .” “NBC News on Conditions in Belle Glade Housing We collaborated with NBC news earlier last month to gather information on the housing conditions in Belle Glade’s Okeechobee Center, a former work camp used predominately to house segregated black farmworkers.  The article, released this morning online, includes interviews with tenants/clients, the history of exploited farmworkers as...
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  • Affordable Housing In PBC
    Advocate for Affordable Housing
    By Sammy R. Alzofon, Affordable Housing Issue Group Fresh from the League of Women Voters State Convention victory: housing trust funds are now an official issue for 2019/2020, we traveled south to attend Broward County’s League of Women Voters Affordable Housing Forum on June 22nd. We learned a lot from a panel of experts: Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich; Broward...
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    Legislative Budget Update
    Legislative Budget Update- Register for Upcoming Webinar- May 6 Dear Sadowski Coalition and Sadowski Affiliates:Mark Hendrickson created the Housing Budget Chart below based on the May 1 published budget numbers. Click the chart to see far right column for final numbers from the legislature. We will have a Sadowski Affiliates Webinar on Monday, May 6 at 11 am to review the...
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  • Affordable Housing In PBC
    Housing emergency in public housing: Your comments are needed
    by Sammy Alzofon   Make public comment on the proposed rule. We have until July 9, 2019 Read the rule at: Read HUD’s analysis of the impacts of the proposed rule at: Read the joint press statement by advocates opposing the rule at:
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  • Affordable Housing In PBC
    How did affordable housing trust funds fare?
    Sammy R. Alzofon Affordable Housing Issue Group Sadowski Act state and local housing trust funds were the focus of advocacy work all over the state, from the adjournment of last year’s legislature until the close of this year’s. As the legislature convened, the Senate, as last year, recommended full funding. The surprise was the same recommendation from the Governor’s...
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    Sadowski Legislative Session Update- Week 7
    Dear Sadowski Affiliates: We are at the “hurry up and wait” point of the legislative session. The House and Senate have passed their respective versions of the budget, and conference on the budget has not begun. Housing is fully funded in the Senate, but the House sweeps over $200 million from housing, and what it appropriates for housing is only...
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