2020 mattersHello Members!

Once again, our Palm Beach County League is excited to provide our community with another Voters’ Guide.  These Guides have been providing important candidate and voting information since 2014.  We will publish our Guide in mid-September in both The Palm Beach Post and The Sun Sentinel.  Copies in Spanish will be provided by the State League for all Federal and State candidates. We will also print copies to be distributed to businesses, libraries, government agencies, and communities.  It will be especially challenging with our volunteer distribution due to the Coronavirus, but we are working hard to meet this challenge. In addition to the print version, we plan to create a digital version of the 2020 Voters’ Guide, which will be available online.

A special appreciation goes to the law firm of Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley and to The Palm Beach Post for agreeing to support the Guide for the third year in a row.

Remember to go to www.vote411.org for information about all the Federal, State and Local candidates in the August 18th Primary Election.  Vote411.org will go live on July 13th!


We are making great progress with the 2020 Voters’ Guide.  Here is an update on all of our teams:

  • Candidate Team: Serena Cummins, Marion Lang

This team made a total of 47 calls to all candidates who qualified for the Primary Election on August 18th.   They have also been asked to assist the State League by contacting several state representatives and senators.   We realize that it is critical to remain nonpartisan and include all parties.  We have six volunteers who also made the calls and follow-ups for each candidate.

  • Question Team: Karen Wilkerson, Susan Bucher, Corinne Miller, Commissioner Paulette Burdick

This team created the nonpartisan questions for the candidates.

  • Editorial Team: Sammy Alsofon, Mary Mertz, Carol Carnevale

Thus far, this team has researched and edited job descriptions, salaries, and biographical information for all candidates.  After the Primary Election, they will finalize all information for the winning candidates.

  • Copy Verification Team: Corinne Miller, Marion Lang

This team reviews all of the information that is included in the Guide. They make sure that the information is correct. They also write copy for any new information and forward it to our editorial team for copyediting.

  • IT Team: Becky Haldeman Robinson heads this team of one.

Becky is responsible for sending email invitations to all candidates, uploading their answers to questions, and finally downloading information from Vote411.org that will be included in our 2020 Guide.  She works closely with Vote411, Maria, and all of our teams.

  •  Production Team: Maria Velez, Joyce Sullivan, Becky Halderman Robinson

Maria, our designer, creates the artwork, places the candidates’ information, and creates the layout for the Guide.  Joyce secures sponsors, provides circulation counts, and supports each team.

  • Distribution Team: Christene Campbell-Gabor

This team is responsible for getting copies to the volunteers, businesses, and government agencies that have agreed to distribute our Guide.  We distribute in all areas of PBC, and especially concentrate in communities that do not receive newspapers or are in hard-to-reach areas.


We need volunteers to help distribute the Guide to as many Palm Beach County residents as possible.  Do you know of a business or community that would like to have our Guides and distribute them to workers or residents? Do you know of a company that will put the PDF of the Guide on their website?  Please contact Christene Campbell-Gabor at 561-271-4648.