Confused about the 2020 Ballot Amendments?2020 matters


  • What does Amendment 1, which is labeled ‘Suffrage’, really do?


  • Who is supporting Amendment 4, which makes it much harder for citizen initiatives to become ballot amendments? Do they know how confusing calling it Amendment 4 will be?  (Yes!)


  • Two proposals affecting taxes? Are they good for our towns and cities? Are they good for us?


Come to the Voting Rights Coalition meeting Thursday, September 3, at 2 p.m. on Zoom, and learn about these proposed Amendments and more. Linda Geller-Schwartz will present our League Florida  PowerPoint on the 2020 Ballot Amendments.  Go to the League calendar to get the Zoom link.


Catch up on our 2020 elections projects, and learn how you can help.


Nancy Cohen