• Citizens’ Guide – Florida Constitution Revision Commission

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  • Government Bee Press Release

  • Why Courts Matter

    Older Judges and Vacant Seats Give Drumpf Huge Power to Shape American Courts By JOSH KATZ•FEB. 14, 2017 Who has appointed federal judges? In the weeks since taking office, President Drumpf has derided court decisions as “ridiculous” and “disgraceful,” called the legitimacy of federal judges into question and encouraged people to blame the courts in Continue Reading

  • Selection of the President

    Amid all this political foment, lets keep our eyes on one way to make positive change for the future: PASS THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE INTERSTATE COMPACT. NPVIC is the only system proposed that: makes all states competitive makes every vote count guarantees that the candidate with the most votes nationwide win the presidency pushes presidential Continue Reading

  • Penny Sales Tax Success

    Letter- Penny Sales Tax success

  • Civics Education

    Civics Education: Christene Campbell-Gabor (, 561-271-4648 Focus: Providing reliable, non-partisan information on elections and public policy issues to a diverse PBC population through innovative educational approaches and working with PBC schools to provide civics in the classroom. Involvement Opportunities: Research, curriculum development, providing presentations (trained by LWV Speaker’s Bureau), mentoring. Meetings: The last Wednesday of Continue Reading

  • Appetizers and Advocacy

    For 40 years, politicians have used the Hyde Amendment to deny abortion coverage for those struggling to get by. Now, there is a new urgency as Floridians face the outbreak of the Zika virus. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! “APPETIZERS & ADVOCACY” JOIN US AND LEARN HOW TO TAKE BRAVE ACTION FOR A FUTURE WITHOUT HYDE! Food, Continue Reading


    We cofounded the Climate Action Coalition of South Florida whose mission it is to make the issue of climate control a top priority for the public and public officials in South Florida. We are urging the adoption of mitigation and adaptation strategies of the Florida Regional Climate Action Plan. We are involved in educating the Continue Reading


    We formed the Voting Rights Coalition to restore voting rights for former felons in Florida. This will include the collections of thousands of signed petitions to amend the state constitution. We have partnered with the League speakers bureau to educate the public about this issue.


    We are researching the impacts of direct filed youths to adult court, ways to reduce the number of children going from the classroom to incarceration, and the diagnosis of substance abuse and mental health in referrals and sentencing.