Building Bridges


Insure that the membership and coalitions of the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County reflect the population of the area. We will target membership recruiting of minorities; and broaden involvement and co-sponsorship of studies, advocacy, and other activities.


Past Activities:

Phase I: Examined the county population and reached out to identified groups.
Phase II: Focused on understanding different cultures.

  • Held events on the Caribbean.
  • Reported on League sponsored educational trips to Cuba.
  • Learned about the Asian Indian population of the county.
  • Connected with the US-China Friendship organization in sponsoring a meeting on China.
  • League study groups are forming coalitions with outside groups that have common issues.

Future Activities:

Phase III: Co-sponsor an important event with the Black sororities and fraternities so that we can work on common issues.
Phase IV: Expand the Building Bridges Committee and adopt a working plan to continue to be a leading motivator in working with groups for the betterment of the county.


What Can You Do? 
Join The Building Bridges Committee.

We need people who are interested in a broad spectrum of issues that impact Palm Beach County and can be part of coalition building among the community.


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